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Projects We Support

We are dedicated to provide support to those neglected and weaker sections of the society who are left behind due to lack of awareness or financial impairments or victimized by casteism.
Go to Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

Jan Akanksha refers to increasing and improving the social, economic, political and legal strength of the women, to ensure equal-right to women, and to make them confident enough to claim their rights

Go to Technical Institute

Technical Institute

Jan Akanksha plans to impart technical knowledge for todays youth for making them self independent and thereby creating jobs for unemployed youths. Ares focused are for Plumber, Carpenter, Electrician, Teacher, House Keeping, Automobile, Food Industries etc .. etc …

Go to Sports & Cultural Activities

Sports & Cultural Activities

Culture plays an important role in the development of any nation. It represents a set of shared attitudes, values, goals and practices. Culture and creativity manifest themselves in almost all economic, social and other activities.

Go to Agriculture


Jan Akanksha empowers to provides the information on agriculture produces; machineries, research etc. Detailed information on the government policies, schemes, agriculture loans, market prices, animal husbandry, fisheries, horticulture, loans & credit, sericulture etc. is also availa

Skill Development

An individual, who wants to acquire the skill in relevant sector to take a new job or if you want to take a self employment

Green & Clean Environment

This dangerous situation is being taken very seriously by the world. Jan Akanksha will focus to impart knowledge towards environment.

Jan Akanksha

A non-governmental Organization Registered under the society act 1860. Registration No. is ROS/NORTH/340/2014.

The motive behind, to run an organization under the title of Jan Akanksha, is to take stock of that neglected and weaker sections of the society and provide them requisite vocational training through which such needy and economically weak people can subsist. To help the above mentioned ladies who took such a serious responsibility upon their shoulders, the experienced team, of social workers, advocates, journalists, entrepreneurs and people working in different walks of life, is at their disposal. The brief matter, about ascendant NGO, known as Jan Akanksha, that you now hold in your hands or shall latter on try to study it in any manner, was once a formless idea residing in the invisible domain of the field of intention. Gentlemen, the definition of intention is not restricted to "as a strong aim, accompanied by a determination to produce a desired result" but it is certainly a power which exists in the universe and of course something much greater and higher than a determined individual will or ego. When we think about intention we feel, intention is not something we do, but rather a force that exists in the universe as an invisible field of energy. Therefore, it is similar to the fact that the way this NGO called Jan Akanksha is germinated through form less idea residing in the invisible domain of the field of intention. By understanding this fact our most essential duty becomes to awake those dormant forces to which we call faculties and talents etc., and invoke intention. So, to clearing away the obscurity of the concept of Jan Akanksha- NGO, we would like to imbue people with correct idea and norms which may make them comfortable to take decision to be part of it. Here, we say Jan Akanksha is moving forward with strong impulse to work in behalf of the weaker section of society. It shall try to provide different skill to those who are really interested for a job but they do not look opportunities when they see ahead. Obviously it is their weak economic condition and illiteracy which demoralized them and they do not seem confident themselves when they try to approach someone. Now, how they should be assessed? Or should they be left to stuck forever to their deficiencies? Or they must given chance that may cause an upheaval for them so that they do not ascribe their failure to their weaker social existence? Here, what to say about the responsibility of vibrant citizens or strong and powerful social organizations etc.? Gentlemen, it is collective responsibility to come forward for the upliftment of those who really need help. And of course powerful section of our society is not apathetic about the weaker section. So, let us work together to combat the poverty and illiteracy which make our society weaker.

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